First, ask yourself what kind of attitude you have towards Mental Health. Your answer can be ‘I don’t care much about this so-called mental health stuff’. Stunning answer, I must say.

Your response can also be ‘I do worry about it, but I am not sure how to handle my psychological problems.’ A good one at it, but it sounds like it’s coming from the mouth of a confused guy.

On the other hand, your reply can be ‘Many people tell me that I need to take care of my mental health, but then, I don’t know whether it is that important a matter.’ That’s the typical reply of a person who lacks self-conviction.

And then again someone might say something like ‘Mental Health concern is a big hoax and I don’t think we should take it that seriously.’ This guy really needs some good teaching for sure and should be taught one or two things to help him get rid of his suicidal ignorance.

Well, the most common utterance that I get to hear is ‘I understand that I am having some peculiar problems in my head and my behavior, but I am worried about what will people think, if they come to know about it and that I am consulting a psychiatrist. ‘ 

Ok. Now you tell me something. if you have high blood pressure, don’t you visit a heart specialist (cardiologist)?

If you have aching joints (arthritis), don’t you visit a bone doctor (Orthopedic Surgeon)?

If you have some sexual problem, don’t you go to a Sexologist? You do. Right? 

But when it comes to mental problems, you think it’s a bad idea to go to a psychiatrist, and you ignore all the problems you are going through. Have you ever thought about why you do so? Don’t you think it is a kind of stupidity?

I call this situation ‘What Will People Say Syndrome’ (WWPS Syndrome). Consider how your mind works and how foolish you are actually. Just because you are consulting a Psychiatrist, you ‘think’ that people will ‘think’ that you have gone mad ?!? Right? Maybe, others might think so, but then that shouldn’t be your business either. 

Now tell me one thing. While it is true that there are a lot of stigmas, taboos, prejudices, and wrong notions associated with mental illnesses out there, does it help you in any way, to overlook your real problems and suffer in silence? You know very well, it doesn’t. Then why do you choose to ignore your problems, when you know very well that you should get yourself treated? Do you think your problems will go away all on their own? Do you understand the price of not giving importance to your mental health issues? In most cases, by the time you realize the dangers of neglecting your actual problems, you have already missed the bus!

I don’t need to tell you that a neglected psychological problem can go out of hand and it can ruin your life and your career. Aren’t these complications dangerous for you?

If you are intelligent enough, then ‘what will people think’ should not be your botheration at all. In any case, even if you are totally normal, there will always be a lot of people, who would spread the word that you are a madman! People love to gossip. Hope you know that very well. Let them say whatever they want to. Ignore those fools but don’t ignore your problems!

Mental Health issues are by and large, pretty serious, hence it makes sense to be watchful and seek treatment the moment you feel that something is wrong somewhere. 

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