The smile is one of the most powerful expressions of human emotion. Smiles play an important role in pleasing or influencing someone. 

Smiling is a socially accepted gesture of courtesy and warmth.

For some smiling comes naturally, while for many (though we may not realise) the smile they wear on their face is fake or forced. 

It is interesting to note that in the current social scenario of artificial exchanges and trivial interactions, most people sport a smile that is not genuine. However, on the surface it might appear spontaneous.

In fact, many of my clients, when asked about this matter, admit that excepting certain situations in close circles and inside their own family, most of the time their smiles are ‘put on’, or as I call it ‘a pretentious smirk’. 

For small kids and elders, smiles are largely genuine, but for guys who are heavily into socializing and partying, most of the smiles are shams.

However as I have already mentioned, with increasing frivolities in modern times, most people nowadays sport smiles which are meant to impress people befriend strangers and to project an image of being a warm and lovable individual.

In spite of the dubious nature of smiling currently, it still remains a vital part of socialization. 

Next time you meet a chap you hate or dislike, just sport a synthetic smile! Well, that’s OK ! And when you meet your closest friend next time around, you will not realize, but you are certain to wear a natural smile.

Anyway, smile more…..

It works!

But beware of ‘Killer Smiles’….well if you can make it work your way, there’s no stopping ! Go ahead! 

And when you laugh, ensure that you laugh all the way to the bank! 

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