Each time I conduct a workshop on ‘Success’, I start off with a profound exclamation of mine – ‘Success comes to those who know how to succeed’.

Yes. It’s true. It’s a matter of self-realization. This apocalyptic perception can be so powerful that it can catapult you to an extraordinary level of existence. Essentially, you acquire this sensitivity over time by continually examining yourself, harnessing your latent potential, and steadily working towards your goal of self-validation.

Regardless of the amount of effort you put into reaching your desired goal, success doesn’t come to everyone. The reason for this is – you didn’t do your ‘cognitive strategizing’ (my coinage) well enough to break through the cordon of stumbling blocks and the walls of destiny.

People who are successful are exceedingly astute about two potential areas of excellence. The first thing that makes them so zealous is that they are devoted to fighting any nemesis they face. And secondly, they are ruthless in their goal of scaling impregnable heights on their road to self-glory.

I have seen many competent managers and promising young guys fizzle out abruptly midway because they made the ‘conscious’ mistake of being either over-ambitious or under-energetic. 

Success does not happen overnight. It’s very challenging to come by. The most prudent way to go about your task towards success is to scale up your mental reserve and physical effort, gradually and steadily, with an unwavering focus on your desired goal.

There are people who get success in the short run, but it never lasts for long, and there are others who, despite working hard for years, never achieved any success.

A fuzzy mystery surrounds success in a sense. One moment it’s right over there for you to grab, and the next you’re smothered and throttled by a sense of desolation.

In summary, my advice to all of you is to take all blocks and impediments in your stride, devise a practical game plan, design a psychological road map as to how to reach the ‘Summit of Success’, and stick to your pre-planned strategy with a dash of flexibility and doggedness. 

If you follow my advice, you will see that you have become unstoppable and unvanquished.

Go for the kill and be the Emperor of Success!

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