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“STRESS TAKES” The Ultimate Guide To Stress Management

This is only the start of my Web Series on different fascinating subjects which will be accessible on the International stage soon.

Recently, I did the recording of my first Web Series titled ‘STRESS TAKES’, where I talk about Stress and Modern Life and how stress is shooting us down ‘quietly!

This shooting took place in the high-tech studio ‘And Studios’ based in Kolkata.

This Web Series will have 10 scenes of brief length, where I manage subjects like Existential Stress, Urban Stress, Academic Stress, Corporate Stress, Relationship Stress, Marital Stress, Existing Stress among Teachers, Stress and Sexual Performance and Complications of Stress.

The entire target of this energizing Webisodes is to sharpen all of you to the lethal impacts of Stress and to ping all of you with the goal that you get stirred from the ‘Sleep Of Lack Of Concern’ and make a move before time runs out.

Keep a close look out on my YouTube Channel and my Website for the upload of “STRESS TAKES”. The first Episode will be uploaded by the 24th of November.

See you soon.

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