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Job Stress is a serious issue now, particularly because of long working hours, hectic schedules, pressure of meeting deadlines and continuous flow of work, work and work ! Job pressure is something which can buckle your motivation and make a zombie out of you ! Job pressure is a matter of degree in the sense that it varies from one company to the other and it also has a differential impact on the workers depending on the personality and resources of the individuals. Work-related stress have increased manifold in the past decade primarily because of intense competition amongst a large number of companies; as a result the workers are required to work harder and longer to allow the company to stay afloat in an unpredictable business atmosphere. Job stress is also due to long commutation, noise, climatic factors, poor pay packet, oppressive work culture, internal politics, discrimination and high workload. Nowadays, even if a worker is dissatisfied with his company, he or she will not be able to give up the job as there is no certainty that a fresh job will be available readily. The uncertainties are all the more bothersome owing to recession and economic slowdown. There is one more dimension to job stress, that is, with increasing inflation and high cost of living both the husband and wife are being forced to work to run the family, which puts extra pressure on the family and eventually adds on to the overall burden of maintaining the family. Job stress also badly affects mental health and physical well-being of individuals. Everyone knows nowadays that stress can cause all sorts of diseases starting from headache, body-ache, lethargy, sleep problems, diabetes, high blood pressure to depression, madness, and even illnesses like cancer, dementia and burnout or for that matter, sudden death !
Following are the steps that you should take in order to keep job stress in check :
1) Regardless of the work environment and company policies, always try to fit in and get adjusted to the work demands of the company
2) Be open-minded
3) Go for effective Time Management
4) Follow a schedule of completing your work on time
5) Be organized and methodical
6) Do not waste time on social media and the phone while at work
7) Take small breaks between work and do some stretching exercises
8) Have a comfortable sitting arrangement and lighting
9) Drink plenty of water
10) Do not smoke much during work hours
11) Have proper home-cooked food during lunch break
12) Finish off pending work first and fast
13) Do not be hassled by work load….Go slow and steady
14) Do not take work back home
15) Do not get worked up by a difficult boss or work pressure
& above all 16) Be physically and mentally fit

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