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Getting Organized

Life in it’s entirety is a mammoth task. It’s somewhat daunting, but not really impossible to wade through it.

Life in it’s all quarters have numerous stumbling blocks and impediments. They are encumbrances, but all have to be dealt with. Herein, comes the crucial point and that is, in a scenario like this, isn’t it all the more necessary that we are organized in our daily living, or for that matter, in our entire life ?

Being organized have four benefits :

– You don’t get delayed in your performance delivery 

– Your stress appendages are low 

– You remain motivated 

And – You are happy and content

It has to be conceded at the same time that even if you are stringently organized, still you might encounter nemesis, which might be hard to overcome. If that happens, you need to put in some extra effort to tide over the crisis. But you need to be patient, insistent and keep trying to resolve the impasse.

For your benefit, here are some few vital pointers of how to get organized :

1) Wake up early everyday, preferably at 4.30 AM. Awaken with the very first sublime radiance of the rising sun which dawns over us. It gives us the momentum for sustained endeavour.

2) Begin the day with ease and focus. Don’t rush up things. Be a steady – rolling man !

3) Prioritize the day’s work and set your goals in order.

4) Be sure to complete each work with the effort that is needed from you. Don’t compromise on your energy.

5) Stay motivated by pepping yourself up continually.

6) Unwind after you have rummaged through the day’s work.

7) Cut down on redundant activities and take care of your health.

Now rejoice to take on the world : being battle – ready organized ! 

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