Children by virtue of their tender age cannot differentiate between positive and negative things. However, while growing up they learn various things which ultimately decide what kind of person they are going to be in the future. 

Misbehaviour of children is a natural part of the process of psychological development.

We as adults must have the ability to be impartial and empathetic when we deal with our kids. We must not get anxious or look troubled by their wayward behaviour. We must learn and be able to handle it all calmly. It is difficult but we need to ensure fine handling.

In order for you to fully understand your children, I need to share certain information with you.

While you may think your kids are disobedient, in reality, they need care and some clearly defined boundaries.

They might seem like brats, but in reality, they suffer from excessive latent energy, which needs to be released. This process can result in unseemly behavior. 

You may be sensing disrespect from them, however, in reality, what they are looking out for, is a warm and affectionate connection with you.

You may be convinced that you are not being tough on your kids despite their anger problems and difficult behaviours, but the fact of the matter is that you need to look at it as their inability to control their impulses and compulsions.

Do we often forget that even as mature adults we also misbehave in various ways? Therefore, isn’t it pretty natural for our young kids to do one or two disagreeable things? 

Do the following 5 vital things if you want your kids to behave well and grow up to be responsible individuals:

1) Try to be as close as possible to your kids. 

2Show them that they can be responsible by being role models for them.

3) Make them responsible for their own actions.

4) Teach them manners and social etiquette.

5) Maintain a balance between the freedom you give them and the discipline that you enforce on them.

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