Valentine’s stuff is a big propaganda campaign with a great deal of profit in mind. I am sure not too many of us know that. They have nicely crafted this whole idea in an attempt to ‘sell love’ to modern-day ‘loveless’ couples.

Nowadays, love is almost non-existent in relationships and marriages. Whether we admit it or not, it is a different matter altogether. We are afraid of what people will think. We are always trying to give the impression to others that all is fine in our lives. However, the truth is that love is just not out there, at least for the majority. My clinical experience and plenty of studies confirm this. Modern relationships are crazy stories of unfeeling triggered by a robot-like society, singularly destroyed by an addictive and sensation-seeking culture. 

Couples nowadays, fight tooth and nail inside their four walls 24 x 7 x 365, but then again click and post so-called ‘lovey-dovey’ photos on Facebook and Instagram, to make themselves believe that ‘love is all that they have’ (which is a self – generated delusion) and at the same time convince others that they are closely bonded couples (which is a purposely created illusion to fool others). 

I might sound pessimistic but the fact of the matter is that love is just not really out there, for the most part. There are some convincing reasons behind this situation. 

First, most relationships nowadays lack a proper foundation. These days, when a relationship is forged, both parties have their own self-interests, mostly revolving around bank balances, luxurious houses, expensive cars, and foreign vacations. This naturally leads to a shift in focus toward material possessions. It is a strange contradiction, though there are plenty of reasons why emotions and feelings are largely lacking in modern relationships. Most couples know that pretty well, but they can’t do much about it because that’s what the situation has come to be. 

Secondly, there is nothing called private life nowadays. Through our beloved social media and show business, everything is publicly available. When others become aware of your life, you lose spontaneity in your personal life.

Thirdly, we are pathologically addicted to our Smartphones and our perennial obsession with Social Media, Netflix, partying, and whatnot. As a result, we do not give time and are not interested in nurturing our relationships. Most relationships stand in a vacuum of trivial matters and frivolities. That’s something we don’t even realize, let alone accept. 

Fourthly, we are more interested in how we present ourselves to our friends and the outside world. This has taken away the sheen from human relationships. 

And lastly, most couples have started believing that having huge friend circles, known or unknown, ‘hanging out’ with them, hosting house parties, gathering up friends to go on vacations, and joining them for dinner with friends, will make their personal life rock. But sadly, that never happens. Instead of piling up with friends, if the couples spent time with each other and their own family members, that would have done a world of good and the desired bonding would have been better. 

Love flourishes genuinely and spontaneously when couples stay true to themselves and have a life for themselves. 

Money can buy you a diamond ring, but not love!

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