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Do childhood experiences influence what you are now?

Many of us have a lot to complain about our childhood days. Some say they never got enough love from their father, some say they were neglected by their mother. Others claim they had plenty of positive experiences with their parents. However, there are some who admit to having faced physical abuse or sexual exploitation, and there are still others who talk of unspeakable experiences.

We don’t grow up in a vacuum, nor do we live on barren ground. We evolve or devolve through a myriad of experiences, positive or negative. It’s how things are in reality. Life has not provided us with many choices. It will serve you well if you remember that these bundles of experiences shape our personality, our views, our temperament, and most importantly, whether we grow up to be stable individuals.

You must accept one very crucial thing here. Whatever it is that you faced during your childhood, you have to take them in stride and continue on your own life journey: unaffected and unruffled. 

I admit it is easier said than done, but you need to ACCEPT & MAKE YOURSELF BELIEVE that there are ways to grow out of all kinds of crap that you perhaps go through, or went through. 

Here are 5 tips to handle it all:

1. ACCEPT the fact that life throws all kinds of problems your way. Never the other way around. That’s how life is.

2) TOLERATE everything without resentment.

(3) RESOLVE to move through all those problems in a timely manner.

4) LIQUEFY all your regrets before they get the better of you.

5) CULTIVATE strength of character.

Remember, it is silly and pointless to crib about your misfortunes.

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