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  • What is Life coaching ? : Life Coaching is the most useful method by which you learn how to lead a HAPPY LIFE and apply those things in your personal and professional life so that you grow up to be a SELF-SATISFIED & SUCCESSFUL INDIVIDUAL.

Targets in Life Coaching : 

  • Strong personality
  • Powerful coping skills
  • Motivational energy
  • Self-development
  • Inner awareness
  • Creative thinking
  • Spiritual growth


Problems handled through Life Coaching :

  • Personal inadequacies
  • Regret about life choices and personal situations
  • Sense of disillusionment
  • Life crisis
  • Existential anxiety
  • Negativism
  • Depressive tendencies
  • Relationship problems
  • This LIFE COACHING program is entirely developed and designed by Dr. Ray himself. His Life Coaching Schedule has 6 areas of mentoring :
    1) Self-development
    2) Crisis Solving
    3) Neurotic Disbanding
    4) Success Training
    5) Empowerment
    6) Spiritual Development
  • A client can choose any one or any combination of the 6 areas. All the of the fields are equally important. However, the most popular ones are Self-development, Success Training, Crisis Solving & Spiritual Development
  • Immediately after we are born, we start evolving. It is a development into a state of maturity. However, for most of us, this development is either arrested, slow, misdirected or faulty. Only a handful manage to become individuals with positive self-growth.
  • Survival in this world of uncertainties and adversities is a daunting task. Not too many of us are equipped with ‘effective resources’ which enable an individual to become self-reliant and an achiever. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary for all of us to learn and attain that state of self-certainty where our life becomes a trajectory of positive growth & SELF-DEVELOPMENT
  • Life is essentially a story of ups and downs & all of us have to go through all kinds of problems in order to survive.  Some of us fail, while others manage to scrape through. Many a times, problems which afflict us appear unsolvable and it becomes almost impossible to handle the problems all alone or even with the help of family members or friends. This is precisely where the help and guidance of a LIFE COACH becomes crucial. In solving your personal crisis, your LIFE COACH thus becomes the only agent of getting you out of troubles ! With a LIFE COACH’S assistance, you come to solve your problems easily and learn all along how to handle crisis situations when they arise in the future
  • All of us have some peculiarities; some odd things within us. Some people have certain peculiarities which are visible to others, while in others, some oddities show up during periods of stress only. These strange thoughts or odd behaviors are neurotic elements which make us prone to psychological problems. These weird thoughts can be of an anxious, depressive or obsessive nature. Such behaviors can be in the form of thumb-sucking, nail-biting, shoulder jerks, grimacing, winking, throat clearing, etc. These peculiarities are embarrassing and can make others uncomfortable.
  • These neurotic elements need to be substituted with thought and behavior patterns which are appropriate. Without desirable behavior it is not only very difficult to become mature, but it is equally problematic to be successful in relationships, social interactions and work.
  • And without effective thinking and behavior patterns, you will never be able to attain a life of self-fulfillment. Here also, a LIFE COACH guides you out of those regressive states and replaces them with proper mental and behavioral elements, which are vital in positive self-growth and personal accomplishment.
  • In any endeavor, be it academics , business or job, you got to be successful otherwise you are a loser. In any game, someone wins (successful) & other one loses (unsuccessful). The most interesting aspect about this phenomenon is that everyone wants to win. Can everyone win or be successful ? Yes everyone can be successful ! But there is a way ! The whole purpose of Success Coaching is to teach the soft and core nuances of achieving success in any personal effort and work.
  • Who all can go for Success Coaching ? : Anyone. Starting from students, professionals, businessmen, couples, musicians, sportsmen, teachers, housewives…EVERYONE CAN DO SUCCESS COACHING !
  • Does Life Coaching help? : Certainly. Success in Life Coaching depends on your keenness to be a Happy & a Successful person. If you do Life Coaching sincerely then you are certain to be a changed person with positive energy and zest for life !
  • How is it done? : It is done on-line through Skype, e-mails, messaging or direct phone calls. It is also done in the clinic or at home, depending on client requirement and convenience.
  • Life is all about empowerment. It means that you need to enrich and fortify yourself with thoughts, abilities and powers, which will help you to lead a satisfying life with certainty and courage. Its not an easy job at all. Some people can make themselves strong and powerful all by themselves, but weak individuals or even able persons at times, need mentoring to empower themselves.
  • Without empowerment, you are a non-entity. With empowerment, your life becomes a source-spring of decisive actions and valuable choices, which will ultimately make your life active and productive
  • The tragedy of modern life is the relentless pursuit of money and obsession with wealth ! There seems to be no end to it ! We do need money and we do need to indulge ourselves at times, but this generation seems to know nothing else other than money and extravagant living. There is strangely something in this pursuit of wealth, which makes us barren, unhappy and empty inside. Material life never gives any meaning to life and if at all, it is temporary. All human beings look for permanence and value out of one’s life. We are born to make our life purposeful so that we are happy and content with whatever we get and whatever we do. But most of us are unhappy even after achieving success and fame. The reason is that while we run after money, we are oblivious of our soul which needs nothing but peace, moderation and simple living. At a time, when desire and acquisitiveness are the orders of the day, it is all the more vital that we enrich ourselves with a spiritual quest for happiness and meaning.
  • Take the help of a Life Coach and embark on a journey of inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

  • Ask yourself the following questions ? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any one of the questions, then you surely need LIFE COACHING !
  • 1) How many of you have felt that  you have not been able to ‘live’ life to the fullest ?
  • 2) Have you ever felt that though you are leading a so-called normal life yet feeling the absence of ‘something’ which could have made your life a little better and rewarding ?
  • 3) Have you ever realized that time is running out for you to give a meaningful shape to your life ?
  • 4) Do you feel that professionally you could have done better ?
  • 5) Do you feel that your relationship is making you unhappy and stressed out ?
  • 6) Do you sense some emptiness within you ?
  • LIFE COACHING is a very powerful method by which all of us can improve our life and make ourselves more productive and happy. Life in itself is a very arduous and exacting journey. There are highs and lows, there are stifling moments, there are insurmountable impediments, there are times of anguish, yet we know very well that we must overcome all obstacles, as the very purpose of LIFE is to move on with your life.
  • Life Coaching is having a mentor or a coach that you can grow with and share with.   Life Coaching helps you to discover new ways of thinking, change the way you look at the world, develop a flexible attitude and become stronger. If you do LIFE COACHING, you will learn how to BALANCE Life ! Life is all about Stability & Balance. Without them, you are unsure and uncertain of yourself….In the end, you are a complete loser….a failure !
  • Qualities like Assertiveness, Confidence, Good Communication Skills, Being Organized, Resourcefulness, Quick Decision-Making Ability, Inner Strength and Strong Motivation are extremely important for you to be Happy & Successful. LIFE COACHING teaches you precisely how to acquire those qualities and change yourself and bring out the best in you !   
  • Life has to be purposeful. But the tragedy is that a good life does not come for free. It has to be earned. It has to be given a meaning by YOU…YOU ONLY. But don’t forget that you LIVE ONCE AND  DIE ONCE. Life is like that game where you just get only one chance to try out your luck….You may be a WINNER OR A LOSER. But how many wins in the GAME OF LIFE ?
  • So the task is to………….. MAKE THE BEST OUT OF YOUR LIFE till you are alive ! 
  • Be serious and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth through the most POWER-PACKED & EFFECTIVE METHOD of making your LIFE meaningful, enriching, empowering & satisfying. See for yourself how you blossom into a SUCCESSFUL EXECUTIVE, AN EFFICIENT MANAGER, A MARVELLOUS HUSBAND, A WONDERFUL WIFE, A DYNAMIC BUSINESSMAN & A MAGNIFICENT INDIVIDUAL !
  • GO FOR ‘LIFE COACHING’…and see for yourself the difference it makes to your life !