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  • Stress is the impact that our bodies experience as we adjust to constant change around us. It has physical and emotional effects on our mind and body & it can create both positive or negative feelings. As a positive influence, stress can help us to be active. As a deleterious force, it can generate negative feelings which in turn can lead to various mental and health problems. With the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, a job promotion, or a new relationship, we go through stress as we re-adjust our lives. In so adjusting to changing situations, stress will help or hinder us depending on how we react to it.
  • Stress can show up in many ways whether you are a student, housewife, husband, businessman, IT professional or a parent. It must be appreciated that anyone can be affected by stress. But you must learn to recognize stress and keep it under check.

Symptoms of Stress :

  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches
  • Low mood 
  • Feelings of nervousness
  • Digestive upset
  • Apathy
  • General disinterest
  • Lack of motivation
  • Bodyache
  • Joint pains
  • High blood pressure
  • Lethargy
  • Memory problems
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Sexual difficulties

Complications of Stress amongst employees :

  • Total breakdown
  • Burnout
  • Loss of job
  • Excessive smoking & drinking 
  • Uncontrolled anger
  • Constant fatigue
  • Marital crisis
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Major Depression
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Heart diseases 
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Serious sexual disorders, including, impotence
  • If you feel that stress is affecting your life, relationship or your work or studies, your first task is to seek help through a psychiatrist or a psychologist
  • Stress is everywhere ! It’s like your shadow following you wherever you go ! Stress is simply unavoidable. You simply need to know how to keep negative stress in control. All of us need to appreciate that excessive stress can kill anyone overnight ! Health implications of stress is dangerous & it can cause any type of disease. Sudden death caused by uncontrolled stress (Karoshi in Japanese) is on the rise and is a serious issue. Stress is something which will never come down. In fact, with time, stress is going to be very serious problem and a major human concern. And at the moment, it is already wrecking havoc !
  • Studies have shown that 60-72% of corporate executives the world over are under massive stress ! 
  • Then the crucial question is what choice do we have? Do we have any?
  • The answer: Yes, we have & that’s Stress Management.
  • In all Corporate houses in the West, regular Stress Management programs for their executives have become mandatory. Studies have shown that companies which offer Stress Management programs for their workers are more productive and successful than those organizations which do not give importance to job stress
  • So the solution is plain & simple :
  • If there is stress, go ahead & handle it ! Don’t ignore it ! Take action right away, before it crushes you !!
  • Focus of Stress Management : How to reduce the impact of Stress of daily living with a special attention on Job Stress.
  • The presentation is very interactive & has various important sections with special emphasis on what stress is all about, it’s harmful effects, burnout, why stress has to be kept in control, how stress affects motivation and performance & how to go about handling stress effectively.
  • Program duration: 1 hour – 3 days
  • Program format: On Power-point & Interactive
  • The program is useful for: All executives, management staff & CEOs

    • Team Building means shaping your people into a productive force. It is all about how to turn disjointed groups into productive teams. If you look at it in another way, it’s what you get when the Germans play soccer,  hen the Aussies play cricket or your kids give their all, in the school’s foundation day play !
    • A cohesive team of employees is imperative to your success. In any company, people must work closely together, shoulder various responsibilities and work effectively across the organization to get tasks accomplished quickly enough to remain competitive. Teamwork is extremely vital to business success.
    • In any corporate organization, there are individual workers who give their inputs into the total functioning of the company, but technically speaking, they are always working as a team. There may be good as well as inefficient workers in a company, but the responsibility of the team is to function like a well-oiled machine. The total and the final output of the team goes onto determine the fate of the company. Without a well-knit team a Company is weak, inefficient and unproductive. Thus a team is an indispensable element in the success or failure of a company.


1) Build Trust :

Team-building activities can help develop trust among your employees. Trust is a critical ingredient in business, especially when teamwork is required on a daily basis to achieve objectives and let companies grow. According to John Castro, the CEO of Merrill Corporation, “Trust is critical in business because it can make or break a team, and business can no longer survive without teams.” Mutual trust fostered by team-building activities can allow your employees to depend more on one another and be more productive and efficient.

2) Ease Conflicts

Depending on the varied personalities of your employees, needless conflicts and frictions might arise. Team-building activities can play an important role in easing conflicts between co-workers by allowing employees to bond with one another and become more accustomed to each others’ personalities, attitude and working style. To normalize conflicts, team-building activities that allow co-workers to get to know one another at a personal level thus developing fellow-feelings are extremely effective. These type of exercises might include having each employee share three interesting personal facts about oneself with the group. If conflicts in the office are an issue with your team, it is advisable to hold your team-building activities in a neutral location such as a hill retreat, open garden area or a rented hotel conference room where any sentiment and pressures of workplace won’t be so visible.

3) Increase Collaboration

Team-building activities can establish a stronger and long-lasting bond between co-workers who might blame one another when problems arise within shared business projects. This bond can help in increasing collaboration among employees during daily business activities and work schedule. According to Inc. Magazine, an effective team is one with “an inclination for collaboration and having the awareness of inter-dependency.” It is useful to assign team-building activities that require all employees to participate together at the same time, wherein each of the participants get to know each other well and develop respect and strong bonds. Collaboration is all about working together seamlessly and effortlessly.

4) Effective Communication

Through team-building activities, employees can learn how to better communicate with one another because they will invariably be faced with activities that need to be solved as a group. Proper communication is the key aspect of team building because it evolves into a razor-sharp interchanges of ideas which finally leads to the combined effort to accomplish tasks and projects. This type of communication practice can translate into more productive and efficient daily work and allow employees to function better as an overall team. During team-building activities, it is important to encourage your workers to verbalize issues as they arise in a calm and professional manner. In my personal experience, many executives who are gifted and knowledgeable, but they flounder or become de-motivated primarily because of inadequate or poor communication skills. In this module a strong emphasis is placed on Assertiveness Skills because  good communication skills go hand in hand with assertiveness abilities in an individual.

5) Motivation & Personal Effort

All business teams comprise of individuals with varied background, temperament, attitude and work style. And each of them need to stay motivated and interdependent in order to function as a cohesive unit. For the teamwork to be successful, each of the team members have to hold on to themselves and offer their very best sincerely. The final output of the team will be determined by the combined effort and determination of the team members. It should be driveled into the individual team members that without perseverance and hard work, the team, no matter how big it is, will not be able to deliver.

All corporate teams should strive to be cohesive, razor-sharp, self-propelling and unbeatable !

Unique focus of this presentation : Individual, collective psychological core & dynamics of Team Building with technical emphasis on fine tuning individual resources, work style and group cooperation

Program duration : 2 hours – 3 days

Program format : PPt & Interactive

The Program is useful for : All Executives, Managers & CEOs

  • Leadership is nothing but a powerful way of guiding the team to successful ventures by virtue of one’s charisma, effective work approach and ability to lead from the front.
  • Explaining and understanding the nature of good leadership is probably easier than practising it. Good leadership require deep human qualities and sharp understanding of the personalities of individual team members and how to unify them into a powerful workforce.
  • In the modern age, good leaders are a powerful enabling force, helping people and organizations to perform, develop and grow, which implies that an energetic alignment be achieved – of people’s needs and the aims of the organization.
  • The traditional concept of a leader being the directing chief at the top of a hierarchy is nowadays considered old-fashioned
  • Effective leadership does not necessarily require great technical or intellectual capacity. These attributes might help, but they are not imperative
  • Good leadership in the modern age more importantly require attitudes and behaviours which can easily relate to finer feelings and a humane outlook towards work and responsibility.
  • The concept of serving is crucial to the entire concept of leadership role. Effective leadership involves serving or doing for the organization or group and the people within it. It is ingrained in most ineffective leaders that the leader must be served by the people. This flawed idea fosters the belief that leadership is an opportunity to acquire personal status and gain, at the cost of others. This is a totally faulty notion. Leadership is instead an opportunity to give; to serve the organization, and crucially the people too, who are there in an organization.
  • Leadership is actually all about people. Admittedly, leadership involves decisions and actions related to all sorts of other things, but leadership is unique compared to any other role because of its focal responsibility on people.
  • Many abilities in life are a matter of acquiring knowledge and requisite skills & then applying them in a systematic and effective way. Good leadership demands emotional strengths and behavioural resources which are dependent on the leader’s mental and spiritual reserves. The greater the strength inside, the greater will be the leadership acumen & still greater will be the impact on the team
  • The leadership role is a crucial reflection of people’s needs and challenges in modern life. Leadership is therefore a significant concept with complex implications determined by an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.
  • Leadership and management are commonly regarded as the same thing, but actually, they are different things. Leadership is also misunderstood to mean directing people and making important decisions on behalf of an organization. Effective leadership is much more than these and entails a humane and a deep understanding of people’s need and performance abilities.
  • Good leaders are followed primarily because people trust and respect them, rather than the skills they possess. Leadership is actually all about behaviour, and skills come thereafter.
  • Some are born leaders, but many can be transformed into leaders.
  • Unique focus of this presentation : Tapping the essential psychological core of individual resourcefulness, commandeering capability and the spirit of triumph
  • Aim: How to create potential leaders from the band of workers & methods of sharpening leadership skills
  • Special emphasis is placed on why it is so decisive to hand-pick individuals with strong personalities and nurture them to become future commanding leaders.
  • Program duration : 2 hours – 3 days (PPt & Interactive)
  • The Program is useful for : Freshers & Managers

PERFORMANCE is a critical ingredient for personal accoplishment and corporate growth. All companies who have made it big, have in their ranks, executives and managers who are not only qualified and capable but are outstanding performers ! In the Corporate arena, there are 2 distinct groups of workers, who have performance issues. There are individuals who are gifted and competent but are unable to deliver. On the other hand, there are individuals who have drawbacks and constraints which come in the way of their performance thus rendering them unproductive. Performance Enhancement program is vital for both of these groups.

Poor performers need to be sharpened and transformed into warhorses ! And it is highly achievable !

Research has shown that much higher levels of employee thrust can be achieved by:

  • Leaders displaying emotionally intelligent behaviours
  • Individuals having alignment between what is motivating and what they experience at work
  • All executives being competent and proficient in appropriate communication skills
  • Fostering self-motivational impetus
  • Performance Enhancement Program features are :
  • Appreciating the role of Motivation
  • Coaching skills and techniques
  • Understanding the role of drive and will-power
  • Emotional sensitivity
  • Ability to self-examine
  • Motivational Fitness
  • Extensive training
  • Importance of client needs
  • Innovative ideas and engaging experience
  • Individual development plans
  • Total accountability

In the corporate world, performance is the most vital aspect of personal achievement and company success. Without high performance, an executive will not be able to survive in the fiercely competitive corporate world. Hence, it is very important that all workers tap their potentials and make themselves more efficient. There is no limit to one’s performance delivery. All individuals have hidden potentials. Performance is in a sense propelled by by the drive and the desire to achieve the best for self-benefit and corporate supremacy. It only has to be put to timely and effective use. Performance ability is a constantly changing factor in the life of an individual. However, it is vital to be a peak performer as fast as possible and sustain it all along.

To be a strong performer, you not only require physical energy, courage and risk-taking capability, but more crucially, psychological resources, determination and cognitive agility. 

The unique focus of this Program is harnessing the psychological core competencies of all executives, especially, the under-performers. The algorithm here is that if you have to be a peak performer, you need to possess a powerful mind. And this is precisely where this module comes vitally into play.

  • Program duration : 2 hours – 2 days (On Power-point & Interactive)
  • The Program is useful for : Executives & Managers