Chief Purpose of My Website

  • The disquieting debate regarding 'Mind' & 'Matter' still continues unabated, but the fact remains that mind is the most vital element of human life. It is not only a storehouse of seething energy; it is a source-spring of all kinds of human possibilities, a fountain-head of creativity, a goldmine of actions, yet ironically, it is the hot-bed of all kinds of troubles and predicament. While the human mind has stacks of positive elements for self-growth and achievement, it also runs the risk of going haywire either unpredictably or else triggered by a distressing experience. Mind is resilient in its own way, but it also has it's own share of weaknesses ! Mind is too fragile a matter to be taken lightly !  
  • MY ENDEAVOUR here is just not helping out individuals with mental illnesses, but also guide all of you to tap the hidden powers and potentials which lie within each of us, to teach you how to be self-sufficient and strong, and to show you all, the road to a wonderful life !
  • MY BELIEF is that all individuals are strong and weak at the same time. All of us are born with various abilities and certain limitations. With time, some of us become mature and tough, while others become weak and vulnerable. Your happiness depends on how well you have lived your life. And the absolute truth here, is that if you have to have the perfect life, you got to have the 'right mix of right things in you' ! 
  • MY AIM here is to help those of you who are suffering from mental problems & at the same time to enrich and empower those of you who are either unable to live up to their potential or who are in crisis states.
  • I am here to take you on a guided journey of self-discovery and a fulfilling life by eliminating your weaknesses, fortifying your strengths and making your life beautiful !
  • I will consider my effort fruitful if all of you who seek my help recover fully from your mental problems and personal weaknesses.
  • I will regard my task productive if all of you who seek my guidance for self-growth, become strong, happy and successful.