• Q1) Is mental illness incurable ?
    Ans) Most mental diseases are curable. All patients recover fully if treatment is started early, medications are taken as advised by the doctor and proper rehabilitation is done. 
  • Q2) Does going to a psychiatrist mean that I have a mental disorder ?
  • Ans) Absolutely not !  As a psychiatrist, I make a clear distinction between 3 things : a) mental problems, b) personal crises & 3) mental disorders. Just because you are visiting a psychiatrist does not mean that you suffer from mental disorder. In fact, I personally see in my clinics, a sizable number of individuals who just have  minor psychological difficulties or adjustment problems in the wake of a stressful situation. Such minor difficulties are quite common; but the point is that they should not be ignored at any cost, as many such apparently simple mental problems go out of hand  with time totally. And once the problem become serious, it is not only difficult to treat, it can do  irreparable damages to your life and work .     
  • Q3) I am a normal individual, happily married and holding a nice job. Can I develop a mental illness suddenly ?
    Ans) Anyone can develop a mental illness anytime in their lifetime. Being a normal individual with a happy life does not mean that you are immune from developing a mental illness. All mental illnesses have certain signs and symptoms. It is very easy to recognize them. You should not take any problem lightly. The moment you experience any difficulty, you should meet a psychiatrist and get yourself checked.    
  • Q4)  How do I know in advance if I am going to develop some mental problem in the future ?
    Ans) Yes, there are certain 'signals' which can predispose a person to develop mental problems. Such ‘indications’ are family history of mental disorders, protected upbringing, disturbed family atmosphere, weak personality, relationship problems, work pressure, loss of job, death of a close person, financial difficulties, long-standing health problems, social chaos & other stressful life situations.
  • Q5)  Are mental illnesses more common in men than women ?
    Ans) Incidence of mental disorders are now almost same in men and women. Though for reasons like family duties, independent careers, discrimination and sexual harassment, women are more stressed out than men. But women are mentally strong too and that protect them to a large extent from various stresses. 
  • Q6) How do you judge if a person is normal or abnormal ?
    Ans) We judge a person to be normal or abnormal based on the presence of certain qualities or peculiarities. These attributes are scientifically considered to distinguish between normality and abnormality
  • Q7) Are mental illness caused by ghosts and demons ?
    Ans) No. It is a totally wrong belief. However,  in villages and amongst the uneducated, such beliefs are very common. There are many other superstitions and prejudices too, like, mental illness is a curse. There are also subcultural beliefs that mental disorders are caused by God's anger on someone.  
  • Q8)Are mental illnesses caused by problems inside the body ?
    Ans) Some mental illnesses are caused by internal problems such as hormonal imbalances, deficiency of certain chemicals in the brain, brain damage and specific medical conditions, while others are caused by external events and stressful life experiences. In many cases, it is a combination of both the factors
  • Q9) Are mental illnesses treated only by medicines ?
    Ans) Mental illnesses are treated by medicines as well as counseling. However, the most effective treatment is the combination of both medicines and psychotherapy. But in many cases, treatment is done only through counseling or psychotherapy.
  • Q10) We often get to hear that mental disorders have increased alarmingly. Is it true ?
    Ans) Yes, in the present times because of massive increase in stress, incidence of mental illnesses have increased remarkably too. It is being projected that in another 5 years, mental disorders are going to destroy millions and millions of people's lives.  
  • Q11) Is mental illness hereditary ?
    Ans) There are some mental illnesses which run in the family, such as Schizophrenia, Major Depression, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), etc. However, there are several mental diseases which can be caused by external factors.
  • Q12) What are the main reasons of increase in stress ?
    Ans) The primary reasons for increase in stress are radical social change, fast life, job pressure, relationship problems, unhealthy lifestyles and chaotic social conditions.
  • Q13) What are the common stress factors ?
    Ans ) The common stress factors (stressors) are job stress, relationship problems, family pressure, lifestyle problems, academic pressure, materialistic attitude and social unrest.
  • Q14) It is said that there are a lot of wrong ideas about mental illnesses and it's treatment. What are this misconceptions ?
    Ans) There are 4 common misconceptions which are widely prevalent in our society. First, that mental illnesses are incurable; secondly, that medicines which are used in the treatment of mental problems are dangerous, thirdly, that psychological medicines are to be taken the whole life & fourthly, that going to a psychiatrist or a psychologist means that one is a ‘mental patient’. Such wrong beliefs are very harmful for the individual and the society. And we are already seeing the dangerous impact of such irrational beliefs in our country. These misconceptions are commoner in India and developing countries than in comparison the western countries.
  • Q15) Can Stress affect my work performance ?
  • Ans) Stress is notorious in affecting not only your health but also your work. If you are under job pressure, you are sure to suffer from anxiety, anger problems, depressive tendecies, poor motivation, decreased confidence, low morale, absenteeism and poor performance.
  • Q16) What benefits will I have, if I do Life Coaching ?
  • Ans) Life Coaching is actually getting tutored and guided by an expert mentor who is your Life Coach. He will teach you how to lead a peaceful yet successful life without any difficulties. If you do Life Coaching, you will see a great deal of changes in you. All of those changes will make you a positive and successful person with a balanced attitude towards life. With Life Coaching, you become relaxed, determined, strong, confident, successful and most importantly, a happy person with a positive outlook.