PERFORMANCE is a critical ingredient for personal accoplishment and corporate growth. All companies who have made it big, have in their ranks, executives and managers who are not only qualified and capable but are outstanding performers ! In the Corporate arena, there are 2 distinct groups of workers, who have performance issues. There are individuals who are gifted and competent but are unable to deliver. On the other hand, there are individuals who have drawbacks and constraints which come in the way of their performance thus rendering them unproductive. Performance Enhancement program is vital for both of these groups.

Poor performers need to be sharpened and transformed into warhorses ! And it is highly achievable !

Research has shown that much higher levels of employee thrust can be achieved by:

  • Leaders displaying emotionally intelligent behaviours
  • Individuals having alignment between what is motivating and what they experience at work
  • All executives being competent and proficient in appropriate communication skills
  • Fostering self-motivational impetus
  • Performance Enhancement Program features are :
  • Appreciating the role of Motivation
  • Coaching skills and techniques
  • Understanding the role of drive and will-power
  • Emotional sensitivity
  • Ability to self-examine
  • Motivational Fitness
  • Extensive training 
  • Importance of client needs 
  • Innovative ideas and engaging experience
  • Individual development plans
  • Total accountability 


In the corporate world, performance is the most vital aspect of personal achievement and company success. Without high performance, an executive will not be able to survive in the fiercely competitive corporate world. Hence, it is very important that all workers tap their potentials and make themselves more efficient. There is no limit to one's performance delivery. All individuals have hidden potentials. Performance is in a sense propelled by by the drive and the desire to achieve the best for self-benefit and corporate supremacy. It only has to be put to timely and effective use. Performance ability is a constantly changing factor in the life of an individual. However, it is vital to be a peak performer as fast as possible and sustain it all along.


To be a strong performer, you not only require physical energy, courage and risk-taking capability, but more crucially, psychological resources, determination and cognitive agility. 



The unique focus of this Program is harnessing the psychological core competencies of all executives, especially, the under-performers. The algorithm here is that if you have to be a peak performer, you need to possess a powerful mind. And this is precisely where this module comes vitally into play.

  • Program duration : 2 hours - 2 days (On Power-point & Interactive)
  • The Program is useful for : Executives & Managers