Profile of Dr. Siladitya Ray


Dr. Siladitya Ray, MD is a Consutant Psychiatrist, Stress Management Consultant, Relationship & Sexual Health Expert & a Life Coach. He is practicing for the last 21 years. He is richly experienced in Psychological Medicine (Psychiatry ) with special interest in Modern Psychiatry and Transcultural Psychiatry. He is also a well-known Stress Management Strategist. As a Stress Management Expert, he has been invited by various Companies to give lectures and workshops in Corporate Stress Management. His Stress Management Module has a unique focus of tapping the internal psychological resources of each individual so that efficient performance delivery can be achieved by cognitive self-regulation and resource integration. Dr. Ray's Stress Management Module is largely self-developed and is very easy to grasp and follow. His Stress Management Program is based on his strong conviction that stress reduction can be effectively achieved by self-examination, attitude shift and internal core resource mobilization. Companies who have hired him as a Stress Management Expert have been enormously benefitted.

He is also a leading Relationship & Sexual Health Expert in India. He regularly contributes and gives interviews in the 'Relationship' section of the popular women's fashion magazine 'Femina'. He also contributes for 'Cosmopolitan' & 'Maxim', apart from the national dailies and television news channels.

With his rich experience on modern human condition and social transformation dynamics, he made forays into LIFE COACHING about a decade back in a profound way. His LIFE COACHING techniques are entirely conceived and developed by himself. The protocol is very easy to follow and implement in one's life. His LIFE COACHING module is based on his strong belief that all human beings have various inherent weaknesses and certain strengths as well; both of which need to be fine tuned and balanced up by the caring guidance of an expert mentor. Dr. Ray's LIFE COACHING is very effective in bringing out the best in you and bestows meaning out of stressful modern life.