Sexual Health Clinic

  • Sexual problems have always afflicted us, but in the modern times, owing to massive stress buildup, a large number of men and women are suffering from a wide variety of sexual problems. Sexual difficulties can put enormous pressure on the victim and the couple, thus making the problem even more serious and complicated. Sexual problems can begin owing to personal stress, strained relationship or anxiety pertaining to sexual performance. In many cases, sexual problems are precipitated by external stressors, prejudice, drug abuse, alcoholism, lack of commitment and even extramarital affairs. When sexual problems continue for a long time, it eats into the fabric of the relationship and destroys it totally. Impotence is a serious problem now and many couples are unable to go the family way because of poor sexual life.
  • Most sexual problems require professional help.
  • Sexual Health Clinic is for those individuals and couples whose relationships are running into serious difficulties because of sexual problems and mental problems. It is also for those individuals or couples who are unable to conceive because of sexual problems.

Problems which are treated in Sexual Health Clinic :

  • Insufficient sexual knowledge
  • Faulty sexual practices
  • Inadequate or excessive sexual desire
  • Erection problem
  • Fast ejaculation
  • Frigidity
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Sexual deviations
  • Alternative sexual preferences
  • Are such therapies effective ?  : Yes, they are very effective, provided the individual or the couple is cooperative and follows the advices given with an open mind.
  • What does the treatment involve ?  : The treatment consists of detailed evaluation and relevant tests like blood tests, ultra-sonography, sperm analysis followed by psycho-education & supportive counseling.
  • Do you have to go naked for any examination ? : No. You are not required to take off your clothes. However, if required, all female patients are examined by female doctors or female attendants.