Family Therapy

  • A Family is the most vital element in any human society. A  family is the place where a child is born, grows up, learns values and finally evolves to be a healthy and mature individual. Without a family and it’s formative influences, none of us would be what we are. Unfortunately, a faulty family can have harmful and negative impact on all the family members including children.

Problems which are commonly seen in families :

  • Strained relationships
  • Misunderstanding
  • Over-critical parental attitude
  • Over-involvement
  • Excessive pampering
  • Faulty communication
  • Alcoholic parents
  • Oppressive atmosphere
  • Lack of discipline 
  • Power struggle
  • Internal politics
  • Physical fights
  • Sexual assaults

Family Therapy is meant for families who are having complex problems and interpersonal friction or where a particular family member is having psychological difficulties because of problems inside the family.


Is family therapy effective ? Yes, it is very useful provided all the family members take part in the therapy without any mental block.