Pre-marriage counseling

  • A marriage to be successful require the right mix of love, affection, caring and understanding. When a couple decides to get married, they are often keen to know if their marriage will work out or not, particularly in relation to their background, nature, attitude and job. This is precisely the importance of Pre-Marriage Counseling in modern-day life
  • Pre-marriage counseling is for those couples who are planning to get married and are interested in knowing if their marriage is going to be successful or not.

Who should come for pre-marriage counseling ? It is for those couples :

1) who want to know if they are compatible

2) who want to sort out differences before they get married

3) who are keen to know and learn how to make a marriage work

4) who are eager to find out if their marriage will work out

Is pre-marriage counseling effective ? :  Yes, it is very helpful provided the advices are followed properly and the suggestions are taken with an open mind and are put to use correctly. If pre-marriage counseling is undertaken at least 3 months prior to marriage, more than 70% of marriages are saved from break-up or divorce.