Anxiety Clinic

  • Anxiety is a mental problem wherein you may feel extremely anxious all the time or may have bouts of crippling panic attacks on and off. Anxiety is a very common problem for most people now, particularly because modern life has become very uncertain and stressful. 50-70% of people worldwide are suffering from various types of anxiety-related problems and mental illnesses. There is no escape from anxiety as long as we are alive. As a result, it has become very crucial to learn as how to handle anxiety and lead a positive life. People who are weak mentally are more prone to stress-induced anxiety compared to individuals who have a tough mindset or a strong personality.
  • Main focus in Anxiety Clinic is to help an anxious individual to come out of it and lead a normal and successful life.

How will I know that I am suffering from anxiety? If you are suffering from anxiety, you may have the following symptoms :

  • Feeling nervous most of the times
  • Sudden bouts of excessive tension
  • Palpitations
  • Breathing problem
  • 'Butterfly in the tummy' kind of a sensation
  • Shakes in your body
  • Feeling that something dangerous may happen to you
  • Frequent stomach upset
  • Sleeplessness
  • Tendency to avoid situations which are making you nervous or scared.

Types of Anxiety :

  • fear of  social situations
  • fear of staying alone
  • fear of examination
  • fear of diseases
  • fear of thunder
  • fear of getting into crowded or closed places
  • fear of heights
  • fear of ghosts
  • fear of getting into aircrafts
  • fear of insects
  • fear of falling ill
  • fear of death
  • general fear

Treatment consists of detailed evaluation, counseling with or without anxiety-relieving medicines. Since weak personality is a contributing factor in anxiety states, consolidating your personality through psychotherapy is a vital focus in the treatment 

Results of treatment of anxiety is very encouraging. Almost everyone gets cured, particularly when the anxiety-causing factors are controlled through counseling and guidance.