The Pandemic Do's and Don'ts!

Covid Pandemic currently has taken a serious dimension, the world over.

In our city, Kolkata as well, things are pretty worrisome. It's a major health and social concern now. The majority of common people are totally clueless as to what is happening, how the disease has become so contagious, what is going to happen in the future and they are having a host of doubts, even on matters related to vaccination and health security. The disease is spreading like wildfire, people are panic-stricken, extremely fearful, suffering from anxiety, depression and are totally helpless.

In a scenario like this, numerous organizations, NGOs, and uncountable self-willing volunteers who are not doctors or from the field of medicine, are working at the frontline helping, counseling, and providing various support to the families afflicted with Covid.

The agony is incalculable, particularly, because of loss of job, salary cuts, and a terrible economic slump.

The situation out there, in reality, is too grim and it is clearly visible. I have personally treated many Covid patients successfully and in addition, have treated as well as given moral support to family members in distress or those who are in a state of shock or depression. I have and am still handling volunteers who are totally stressed out and heartbroken to witness deaths and hundreds of dead bodies strewn in crematoriums. We really need to understand the mental state of these remarkable workers who are whole-heartedly volunteering out there in the middle. Without the helping hands of these outstanding volunteers, I don't think we could have restored grit and strength in the humanity in pain.

They are seeing helpless Covid patients, distressed family members, and death after death. Don't you think it's going have a major impact on their mental health and their personal life? I am proud that this band of fearless young boys and girls, men and women, from all walks of life are giving their blood, sweat, and tears, in the service of the distraught multitude, in this time of extreme misery. No word of praise will be enough to give them the respect they deserve.

The need of the hour is to launch a major movement in mass awareness of keeping ourselves safe and strong. 

Humanity is facing a never-before kind of health adversity en masse. People seem to be losing their minds and they need help. Hundreds of people are dying every day. Many families have lost their near and dear ones. They are finding it very difficult to come to terms with their loss. These families are in a state of chronic bereavement. They need professional mental support.

The volunteers are doing a marvelous job and the credit goes to them for their selfless service to the suffering mankind. They deserve our gratitude and admiration.

Do's :

1) Be mentally strong

2) Do all that you can do, but stay detached

3) Safeguard your mental health.

4) Do regular breathing exercises

5) Eat well and hydrate yourself adequately

6) Seek professional help, if required


Don'ts :

1) Don't allow yourself to be affected

2) Don't take life too seriously

3) Avoid the prevailing situation to put a dent in your mind

4) Don't over-strain yourself

5) Don't overthink