Certain things happen with such devastating force that WE can be stunned into stuporous helpless silence and abject surrender! The minuscule Corona Virus did the same to us! 

We are almost into a year of being held for ransom by an invisible monster and we have been transformed into docile puppets! Well, it couldn't be otherwise.

If you take a look at human history, you will see that in every epoch, there has been some catastrophe, some disaster that shook the very foundation of our civilization. The Covid Pandemic is no different. The only striking difference is that we are waging a war with an enemy who is like an apparition, who can't be seen!

This spectre-like enemy has made a mockery of our self-proclaimed vainglorious power. We have stockpiled thunderous nuclear bombs in our arsenals, but they have been of no use this time. We are apparently so much united and tied in global solidarity, but this time around, even this bonhomie could not help the gigantic 'Titanic' from sinking. Corona has made us look like a bunch of impotent half-witted imbeciles. It took an imperceptible devil called Corona to expose our latent weakness.

How many of us had ever imagined that such a time might come when we will be silenced like this? None! 

How many of you thought that our lives and the world order will go upside down the way it is now, for whatever reason? No one!

How many of you knew that WE might have 'tamed' Nature, but in reality, WE are 'Slaves of Destiny'?

And, how many of you realize that WE are actually 'Captive Beings', not only unto ourselves but also to the mysterious forces working outside us? No one! I am dead sure!