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I am a Holistic Mental Health Specialist, Motivational Expert, a Travel Film Maker. My purpose of this website is to showcase my clinical work and my travel expertise as a film maker and a travel writer.

  • Age : 58 years
  • MBBS, MD (NIMHANS, Bangalore)
  • In Clinical Practice for 28 years
  • Clinics : Kolkata, Bangalore, Agartala and Silchar
  • Charity : In 3 villages in West Bengal & Assam
  • Writing for various magazines and national dailies since 1992
  • Corporate & Open Forum Workshops since 1996
  • Community Development work since 2003
  • Environmental & Conservation Activist since 2008
  • Motivation and Wellness Coaching from 2008
  • Travel Writing and Travel Film Making from 2008

Dr. Siladitya Ray

TO A NEW WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES... Mental Health is a serious matter but sadly most of us are ignorant and negligent about it. We take our loved and dear ones for eye examinations, dental evaluations, heart check-ups and career guidances, but we never take them for a mental health check-up! We are not ashamed to talk about our private lives in public forums and social media, but we are ashamed to go to a psychiatrist! Isn’t it funny and surprising as well? Mental illnesses have increased almost 5 times in the past 20 years, yet we have not taken it seriously! Warning alarms just like global climate change concerns, are being sounded almost everyday worldwide, but we are unmoved and unperturbed! We continue to behave as though it is a hoax ! It is strange that we prefer suffering instead of seeking a remedy! Stress is destroying our lives, relationships, efficiency and health, but we still seem to be totally unconcerned about it! Excessive work stress is making us de-motivated and inefficient, yet we are not doing anything about it! This is public apathy at its worst! It is high time that we move into action and set our lives on the right track! ALL OF US HAVE THE RIGHT TO A HEALTHY LIFE AND BE PRODUCTIVE....LET US STRIVE FOR IT!

Clinical Services

My functional expertise ranges from core clinical orientation to psychological interventions.

Success Stories

As a Motivational Expert, Holistic Psychiatrist and a Travel Writer, I have been able to influence people’s life, attitude and travel experiences, which I am showcasing here.

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